Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Old World Charm of Tuscan Style

An iron railed staircase with hardwoods and arched doorways beckons you to the old world charm of this Tuscan style home. This Tuscan style living room boasts distressed columns, dark stained exposed ceiling beams and a hearty fireplace. The iron chandelier, richly upholstered furnishings and windows treatments add to the graceful heirloom feel of this Tuscan style home.

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  1. This really left me in awe. Everytime I scroll down for more, I just cannot get enough of this beautiful home! Every area in this house is just magnificent. The bedrooms are to die for and the pool area is just breathless. This just proves that among the most wonderful homes are those with a touch of Tuscany. This will surely catch the attention of other home owners, home builders Missouri as well as interior decorators out there. Thank you for this wonderful post.