Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tuscan Architectural Style

Have you ever been to Italy? Have you visited some of the older villages and seen the gorgeous houses that exist there? Tuscany is an especially lovely place to visit, and has been the inspiration for home styles all over due to the simple yet elegant designs.

Even if you have never been to Italy, there is still a very good chance that you have some idea of what a Tuscan villa looks like. This is because they aren't just located in Tuscany. Today you can find Tuscan architectural style homes all over, though some are more likely to appear in certain places than others.  For example, it's much more likely to see one situated in sunny California near a vineyard than in the woods of Vermont.  Still, no matter where you live there is nothing stopping you from enjoying one of these fine homes or simply incorporating elements from the overall design into your current home. A little bit of elegance can go a long way.

The history behind how these villas reached the United States begins in the past when they were first introduced to England in the 1840s. Over time, they made their way here through both people inspired by them and by people from the original region with enough income to recreate a traditional villa-style home from the ground up. Many Tuscan architectural style homes have a mixed interior that is inspired by Old World and Mediterranean styles. This can mean stone accents, tile accents, and wrought iron pieces. You can almost always find wood beams within the structure as well as wide plank wood flooring.

The exterior of the Tuscan villa is what is the most noticeable and easiest to identify. Many of these homes still incorporate tile at a low pitch or terra cotta roofs. Construction is made with stone or stucco, and you are bound to see gorgeous arched doorways and windows. The windows will often include wooden shutters, and their design almost always means that they will be tall and narrow.

Ways that you can incorporate this type of style into your own home include considering what will work best within your home. Could your house benefit from some new hardwood flooring? What about a stunning new door? How about some Tuscany inspired moulding? These are just a few of the ways you can bring a bit of Italy into your house. But, sometimes, it's the little things that can make all the difference in the world.

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