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The Migration to Tuscan Style

The Tuscan decorating style has been popular in California for more than 50 years, but it has only recently been spreading to other parts of the country. This is largely because of the promotion of the Tuscan style on HGTV on shows such as "Designed to Sell." Today, this style has spread from the west coast to the mid west and can even been seen in the southern regions of the United States.

Tuscan style showcases earth tones and other natural colors. This makes it ideal for selling your house because home buyers will not be bombarded with bright colors when they enter your home.

Textures are the very core of Tuscan style. From textured walls with plaster to textured stone floor tiles, everything in the Tuscan palette focuses on texture. This can be a little overwhelming to try yourself, however by taking a quick tiling class you can learn to put the stone in yourself. Plastering the walls is not too difficult either as they make special tools that will help you put the plaster up in different shapes and styles depending on the type of plastering tool that you purchase. Many home improvement stores even offer free classes on weeknights that will show you exactly how to do it yourself.

Tuscan style comes from Italy so age plays a large role. The wood in a Tuscan themed home often will have an aged elegance. In addition, you will see hand made ceramics and other accessories such as wine glasses spread throughout the house. These designs are a symbol of the classic family oriented Italian concept. This gives your home even more of a traditional them.

Although this style may not fit into certain neighborhoods, it is making a huge impact in other places. Not surprisingly, this style is making its way into newer neighborhoods throughout the United States even in regions that were typically built in a Colonial style. So keep an eye out in your area; you just might be surprised to find that your neighborhood is quickly becoming Tuscan.

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How to Create Tuscan Style in Your Home

Tuscan, or Mediterranean, style is a lovely theme to use when decorating your home. Selecting earth tones and touchable textures will give you a foundation. Adding rustic, natural and sturdy looking furnishings and accessories will supply the finishing touch.
The term 'Tuscan' comes from the large central region of Italy, Tuscany, whose capital is Florence. Its 8,900 sq. mi. is known for beautiful landscapes, artistry, and culture. It is regarded as the true birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. This coastal region of Italy has become the premium place to look for style in its wonderful colors and textures. If you want to bring a touch of this countryside into your home, you do not have to travel all the way to Italy. Just try following these simple guidelines.
Color is the first consideration when looking at Tuscan style. The basic color palette comes from landscape and agriculture. The main colors used in decorating are earth tones like terracotta, olive green, deep browns as well as blues and gold. These colors call to mind bright sunny days under clear skies looking across bountiful fields and sparkling lakes. The colors are often made to look weathered or are muted, reflecting timeless beauty like an ancient villa. Some other shades in this palette are apricot, lavender, turquoise, burgundy, ocher, bronze, cinnamon, ivory and ocean blue.
Texture is the next characteristic to consider. Most often, colors are combined with textures that beg to be touched. Walls are hand plastered and have a look and feel that is unique to Tuscany. Many professional artisans are reviving these classic plaster techniques, but for those on a tighter budget, this effect can be achieved through various faux finishing techniques such as knock-down and stucco. In the interior of Tuscan villas you will find amazing masonry in the form of marble floors and countertops in kitchens and baths. Spectacular stone work also defines fireplaces and foyers bringing the earthy feeling indoors.
Furnishings are typically simple and functional. Kitchen counters may be lined with an array of cooking herbs. Furniture is often of a classic wood and leather design, and tables may also have tile or stone tops further adding to the strong connection to the land.Fabrics have long been a favorite design solution for introducing color in to a room. A decorative throw pillow, a luxurious sofa throw or a favorite wall tapestry can be an inspiration piece for Tuscan wall colors. Wall tapestries with fringe, tassels and beads are also typical of Mediterranean decor. Wrought iron, ceramic and other hard surface materials can be softened with colorful table runners, drapery and woven wall art.
Pot racks are a superb way to bring old world Tuscan style into your kitchen. The most popular style of pot rack used in Tuscan decorating is probably the wrought iron pot rack. While there are many different designs available, the best pot rack is constructed of hand forged wrought iron. Wrought iron can be formed into traditional rectangular and round shapes, as well as decorative curves and flourishes. They can be left a traditional black or painted a Mediterranean earthy color. These details lend an authentic, old world, artisan craftsmanship quality to Tuscan decor.
The patio is an important part of the Tuscan home. Wrought iron patio benches, bar stools and chairs can be found alongside tile topped tables. The furnishings are surrounded by unpolished metal urns and terracotta pots brimming with greenery. Plants such as roses, geraniums and hydrangea are native to the Mediterranean climate and will give the outdoor living space an authentic feel. Other plants to consider are climbing vines such as clematis and jasmine, potted herbs like sweet basil, lavender, and rosemary, and potted lemon trees. These plants give a fragrant scent to the patio atmosphere. Other fruit and olive trees can often be found in the yard, too.
Tuscany is a region that is deeply connected to the land. This can be seen in its earthy colors and textures and its strong simple decor.The beauty of the land travels all the way from the rolling countryside into the patios and homes of the Tuscan people. Experimenting with earthy colors, textures, and furnishings can help transform your home into a veritable Mediterranean paradise.

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Tuscan Home Decorating - The Materials and Textures

The warm, rustic look and feel that is reminiscent of the Tuscan region of Italy can be achieved by utilizing an eclectic and diverse of mix materials and textures. Since Tuscan decor is inspired by the natural surroundings of the region, keep this in mind as you select furniture, fabrics, accessories and even wall textures.

Following are some ideas and suggestions for utilizing a variety of organic materials to create a Tuscan-inspired home decor scheme of your own:

Iron is used liberally in Tuscan decor. Wrought iron, copper and other metals are used in unique wall decor, candle holders, pot racks, canisters, baskets, urns, vases and furniture. Metal nail heads on furniture, both upholstered and wood, add Old World detail and richness.

Wood, being one of nature's most abundant resources, is a natural choice for Tuscan decorating. Tuscan wood furniture can be rough hewn and heavily distressed or more traditional and polished and can be used together throughout your home.

Think of a rustic farmhouse table for the kitchen or dining room. Or chairs and sofas with exposed wood arms and legs. Armoires, sideboards, hutches, bookcases and media centers made of warm and rich dark woods are both functional and beautiful. Iron is a perfect complement and accent to wood furniture.

Stone - in all of nature's colors - is a beautiful and durable material to use in tiles for counter tops, flooring and accessories. Tumbled, matte or polished travertine, marble and granite are popular choices.

A good, local faux painter can even create areas that appear to be made of stone. This technique works well in entryways, leading up a staircase, in wine cellars and kitchens.

Ceramic  accessories add functionality, color and interest in any room or garden. Vases, pitchers, urns, tubs, planters, bowls, platters and dinnerware are common uses of ceramics in Tuscan decorating.

Finishes are both smooth and polished or rough and rustic. The glazes and paints used to finish Tuscan ceramics embrace the entire spectrum of the Tuscan color palette and are often irregular - which only adds to the uniqueness and beauty of an individual piece.

Fabric Rich upholstery will soften the liberal use of hard surfaces and materials found in Tuscan decorating. Furniture upholstery, throw pillows and blankets, draperies, table cloths and runners, even tapestries in the rich or muted colors found in the Tuscan color palette create warmth and comfort.

Leather is also a versatile textile to use in Tuscan furniture and wall decor and works extremely well with wood, metal and other fabrics.

Foliage -  Don't forget to incorporate foliage in your Tuscan decor. Foliage can be live or silk plants, trees and flowers. Create groupings of foliage, ceramic and metal accessories for a natural, warm and inviting look.

There are no hard and fast rules or boundaries in Tuscan decorating. It can be inspired by a country farmhouse or a grand villa; both within the same space. Most important in Tuscan home decorating - don't be intimidated by it. Tuscan decorating is about the colors, textures and accessories in your home being harmonious and not "matchy-matchy."

Whether you're decorating an entire home in Tuscan style or are just looking for a few ideas or decor accessories to enhance what you already have, you can't go wrong with the Tuscan style. Tuscan home decor is casually elegant and perfect for everyday life in any home.

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