Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Migration to Tuscan Style

The Tuscan decorating style has been popular in California for more than 50 years, but it has only recently been spreading to other parts of the country. This is largely because of the promotion of the Tuscan style on HGTV on shows such as "Designed to Sell." Today, this style has spread from the west coast to the mid west and can even been seen in the southern regions of the United States.

Tuscan style showcases earth tones and other natural colors. This makes it ideal for selling your house because home buyers will not be bombarded with bright colors when they enter your home.

Textures are the very core of Tuscan style. From textured walls with plaster to textured stone floor tiles, everything in the Tuscan palette focuses on texture. This can be a little overwhelming to try yourself, however by taking a quick tiling class you can learn to put the stone in yourself. Plastering the walls is not too difficult either as they make special tools that will help you put the plaster up in different shapes and styles depending on the type of plastering tool that you purchase. Many home improvement stores even offer free classes on weeknights that will show you exactly how to do it yourself.

Tuscan style comes from Italy so age plays a large role. The wood in a Tuscan themed home often will have an aged elegance. In addition, you will see hand made ceramics and other accessories such as wine glasses spread throughout the house. These designs are a symbol of the classic family oriented Italian concept. This gives your home even more of a traditional them.

Although this style may not fit into certain neighborhoods, it is making a huge impact in other places. Not surprisingly, this style is making its way into newer neighborhoods throughout the United States even in regions that were typically built in a Colonial style. So keep an eye out in your area; you just might be surprised to find that your neighborhood is quickly becoming Tuscan.

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