Saturday, September 29, 2012

Understanding Tuscan Decorating

     Tuscan decor is used quite often throughout America in order to improve the appearance of the home. However, there are many people who do not know where the Tuscan style originates and why it is used so often.

     Obviously Tuscan style decorating originates from Tuscany. Now Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places in the world and it boasts welcoming and warm looking homes. It is home to the Renaissance and Leonardo DaVinci, Dante and Michaelangelo, all originate from there. There are old buildings full of history and everything about the country helps people to feel a sense of belonging and carries them away with wishful thinking. That is the main reason Tuscan style decorating is as popular as it is today.

     When you look at the colors of Tuscan style decorating, you realize that mainly earthy colors are used as well as a few sea blue colors too. Warm reds, smooth chocolate browns and olive greens all go well within a Tuscan style home and the pictures you can purchase with a Tuscan feel are usually landscapes which show natural beauty.

   The Tuscan style theme has changed over the years and it was in the fourteenth century that European architecture started to change. The well known Italian architect/artists such as Brunelleschi and Giotto started to build taller buildings. Symmetry played a large part in their designs, as did scrolling ironwork and floor mosaics. It is this change that really got Tuscan decorating going.

     The Tuscan theme was again changed during the Roman times. This was because Tuscany started to become a place in which trade and travel were common. Tuscan designers started to take inspiration from countries such as Egypt and India and they brought over pieces of furniture and accessories highlighting the two countries' styles.

     If you look at the furniture which is used in Tuscan style decorating, you will notice that it has quite a few different architectural elements. Table legs and chair legs both often are carved as though they were columns, highlighting the fourteenth century. You can also see that many types of Tuscan style has mosaics incorporated into them such as coffee tables which have mosaics on the top of them. These highlight the Roman period in Tuscany.

     Overall all Tuscan style furnishing pieces are inspired by a different period in Tuscany. So it helps to have some knowledge on each era before you start decorating your home in a Tuscan theme.

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